Posted by jeffery zirkle on Jul 06, 2016

Heartland Tone LLC was born in Topeka Kansas, also know as the heartland of America, in 2013. The interest and passion for great guitar tone was born much earlier in the late sixties. Through the years of experimentation and formal vibration analysis training I became aware of what frequencies most humans found pleasing. We understand the complex interaction of the individual compents of your system and how to shape these factors to best obtain the tone you are after. We strive to assist you in obtaining your tone and encourage you to discuss with us how our pickups can best fit into your system. So give us a call or better yet order a set of high quality pickups to produce the tone that you seek.

On another note of information we are in the process of relocating the business from the Heartland of Kansas to the area known as the Heartland of Florida. This move allows us to be closer to family and as we pride ourselves as a family business this relocation is a "no brainer" The move will give us a much needed bigger shop. We expect the shop to be completed in August and then it is upward and onward for the quest of great guitar tone.