Posted by jeffery zirkle on Feb 17, 2017

The orlando Guitar Expo has come and gone and it was a fun and learning experience. We were able to meet some of the local Florida builders and music shops as well as some very talented musicians. One thing that still has not changed is the love of guitars expressed by the many of both exibitors and the public. It was one of the best shows that we had attended and wow I have never seen so many Les Paul guitars.

I would say that without a doubt the number one guitar, as far as popularity goes guitar at the show. Don't get me wrong a well made Les Paul is a fine instrument especially if you want what everybody else has. Me, I think I prefer a well made custom built intrument that was not mass produced on an assembly line with no soul. I know I am certainly biased in my opinion but after 45 years of owning and playing these instruments I want something different that has some blood sweat and tears poured into it. Our guitars and pickups are a labor of love. We literally pour our blood, sweat and tears into our products, sometimes the blood is not willingly, and of course then we have to change the color, but you know what I mean.

So next time you are looking for that special something instrument just give us a look. You can always call and talk with the person that will be making your pickups and or guitar, or you can always run down to your local big box music store and say, hey I'll have one of those just like all the others.